5 Teases for Fear the Walking Dead: Season 3

With the arrival of summer comes the return of Fear the Walking Dead, the sister series to AMC’s The Walking Dead. With a story that straddles the border between the United States and Mexico, Fear couldn’t be any more relevant in 2017 America — and the show realizes it.

IGN joined a small group of reporters in venturing to Mexico’s Baja California to visit the set of Fear the Walking Dead. While the cast and showrunner Dave Erickson were tight-lipped when it came to revealing too many spoilers, as is customary when dealing with the universe of The Walking Dead, they were very open about what fans should expect in the new season.

The importance of the ranch the group will be moving onto cannot be overstated enough. Visiting the actual set of the ranch — built in a Baja valley — feels like you’ve stepped into the actual apocalypse. With a giant ranch house at the front that looks over what is essentially a tent city, it’s immediately clear that AMC has spared no expense when it comes to the enormity of this particular set.

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