Fear the Walking Dead: “Teotwawki” Review

Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

Whoa! It’s Daniel!

That was a pretty sweet mic drop at the end of “Teotwawki” (survivalist speak for The End of the World as We Know it), though we still don’t know, for sure, if we’re watching an imagined character or the real Daniel. Most likely, it’s the real dude. It just doesn’t feel like Strand was in a desperate enough place, mentally, to start having visions of dead characters. Seeing the guy who once claimed he’d be Strand’s guardian angel would be fitting, I suppose, but I’d rather have the flesh and blood Daniel. Someone real who Strand could actually talk to.

Though this wouldn’t be the first time a character on Fear was rushed into insanity. As I recall, Daniel’s mental collapse toward the end of the first half of Season 2 felt very tacked on – making his presumed death, in the burning compound, feel fairly empty. And yes, there was an element to that moment, when he set things ablaze, that made some fans wonder if he actually died since we didn’t get to see it outright, but if Daniel’s back on the show, for real, I’m happy. Especially if he’s the sane, capable version of himself.

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